Your breakfast┬ápancakes just got even better with this recipe. Homemade pancakes with a cinnamon swirl…I’m sold! These fluffy pancakes are easy to make, look awesome, and taste amazing!

The cinnamon filling is easily made using butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. The after you pour the pancake mixture onto the skillet you add a beautiful cinnamon swirl after the batter begins to bubble. Next of course you flip the pancake and you’re done!

It gets even better. What could be better than a mouth-watering cinnamon roll pancake? The topping! Using 4 ingredients you have a yummy cream cheese glaze! Drizzle the glaze over your pancakes to add a sweet and creamy flavor! Kids will love this new creation!

What you’ll need:
-unsalted butter
-light brown sugar
-ground cinnamon
-cream cheese
-powdered sugar
-vanilla extract
-all-purpose flour
-baking powder
-large egg
-vegetable oil

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Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
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