This recipe for creamy chicken soup is going to be pretty hard to beat. You’ll never want to try a new chicken soup recipe after you fall in love with this one. With the weather getting cooler this is the perfect go to meal.

Of course you can’t forget that slice of crusty bread to dip in that delicious creamy soup! I’m a fan of sourdough! If you’re a pasta lover you could even add cooked noodles. All the ingredients come together to make one of the tastiest soups!

What you’ll need:
-olive oil
-butter – unsalted
-carrots and celery
-sweet yellow onion
-chicken stock or broth (or a combo)
-milk or cream or half & half
-chicken base granules
-fresh cracked pepper and dried parsley
-bay leaves and Herbs of Provence
-turmeric (optional)
-garlic powder or 1 t. chopped garlic
-rotisserie chicken
-white wine 

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Creamy Chicken Soup
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