Autumn season means…pumpkin empanadas? Yep it’s true! Don’t worry you can stop searching for that perfect pumpkin empanada recipe now (I’m joking…unless you were actually searching for one…in that case you are very welcome). We found the perfect recipe and we want you to give it a try!

The effort and care you will put into making these little hand-pies is COMPLETELY worth it, I’m telling you! Just imagine the buttery and flaky crust with each scrumptious bite. On the inside you will have the best sweet tasting pumpkin filling. MHH! Sounds delish.

What you’ll need:
-pumpkin puree & brown sugar
-ground cinnamon & ground nutmeg
-ground cloves & pure vanilla extract
-unsalted butter & all-purpose flour
-milk & eggs

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Pumpkin Empanadas
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