Save money and skip that Chinese takeout! This recipe combines two Chinese favorites. Chicken and broccoli plus Lo Mein! By the time you call in, order your food, and have it delivered you could already have made this meal. It only takes 30 minutes!

These slurpy noodles have such a delicious flavoring. The Sriracha Hot Sauce adds great taste. The bite size chicken and fresh broccoli might actually be better than your Chinese takeout. You’ll have to try it out to find out!

What you’ll need:
-fresh broccoli
-olive oil and sesame oil
-skinless chicken breast
-Sriracha Hot Sauce and Soy sauce
-garlic cloves
-dark brown sugar and cornstarch
-lo mein noodles
-carrots and snow peas
-red pepper flakes and eggs
-ginger and green onions

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30 Minute Sriracha Chicken and Broccoli Lo Mein
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