This is a beautiful sight! If you’re like me and you love chocolate you will swoon over this cake. Each bite is filled with chocolatey sweetness. How can you not fall in love with this mouth-watering recipe? The recipe comes with great directions and tips to help you make the most perfect cake!

This recipe includes two layers of moist chocolate cake, delicious milk frosting, and sweet chocolate chips to add great taste and presentation! A slice of this triple chocolate layer cake with a tall glass of milk seems like heaven to me!

What you’ll need:
-all-purpose flour & salt
-granulated sugar & confectioners’ sugar
-unsweetened cocoa powder
-baking powder & baking soda
-buttermilk & vegetable oil
-eggs & vanilla extract
-freshly brewed strong hot coffee
-unsalted butter
-heavy cream
-chocolate chips

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Triple Chocolate Layer Cake
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