Interview with Becky the Cookie Rookie

Have you been a cook all your life? NO! I stayed out of the kitchen for the longest time. I had absolutely zero interest in learning to cook. My mom is an amazing cook, and I was content to just eat what she made and never learn for myself! My old roommates joked that I […]

Dinner Tonight: Amish Marriage Meatloaf & Deviled Egg Macaroni Salad

This dinner meal we put together is excellent! The deviled egg macaroni salad complements this delicious meatloaf recipe! We have the complete shopping list to these recipes, just download below! Dinner: Amish Marriage Meatloaf Side: Deviled Egg Macaroni Salad You can’t forget about your fall cocktail or that one of a kind dessert! Drink: Pumpkin Apple Cider Cocktail […]

Our Favorite One Dish Meals!

Cheesy Baked Tortellini Casserole Add this to your weekly dinner recipes! Here’s a very pleasingly tasty dish with an equally pleasing preparation!   Loaded Twice Baked Potato Casserole This recipe is a must try! Whether it’s the main meal or a side you can’t go wrong with it!   Teriyaki Chicken Casserole You need to […]

More Things Only Hardcore Coffee Drinkers Know

Common knowledge circling around says coffee is unhealthy. But secretly, the hardcore coffee drinkers know this is hardly true, which is why there is no stopping them from consuming this black water that is now resurfacing as a good-for-you treat. Start with these 5 reasons and never look at coffee the same way again.   […]

5 Recipes That Make You Crave Vegetables

It’s no surprise if you don’t enjoy eating vegetables, but we’re here to change your mind. These 5 recipes will make you crave veggies! Yes, they’re that good! 1. Breaded Broccoli This recipe makes broccoli a tasty snack! 2. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Aioli Once you try this recipe you’ll never go back to how you […]

6 Typical Foods With A Twist!

There are some recipes that we actually get sick of seeing…or eating. So we’ve found 6 recipes that take typical food and add a twist!  1. Deep Fried Mac and Cheese Bites Everyone has had mac and cheese…but now you need to try it deep fried! 2. Sriracha Popcorn At first I was like what? Then I was […]

5 Easy Recipes You NEED To Know To Lose Weight!

Cooking healthy isn’t always the easiest, but we’re here to help! Loosing weight is typically 75% what you eat and 25% working out. So let’s focus on what food you’re consuming, but still having tasty meals! 1. Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Start your day off right with a healthy smoothie! Very refreshing, delicious, and nutritious! 2. Healthy Quinoa […]

10 Recipes To Win Over A Man’s Heart

Haven’t you heard the way to a man’s heart is through food? You may be wondering what kind of food. Well we have the answer! Here are the top 10 meals a man will love! 1. Sweet and Savory Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Puff Pastry This recipe involves bacon…need I say more? 2. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs […]